Shan Jiaqian

SHAN JIAQUINShan Jiaqian has built up an Asian fast food chain in Vienna, which is comprised of 13 branches at it’s peak. Two of which he still manages even today. „One for each child“, he says and pays his children’s school fees with it. Both of them attend the American International School.

He is an excellent businessman, always one step ahead. He knows how to make good business and even have some fun doing it. In his eyes there are too many Asian restaurants in Vienna, which is why he decided to go the opposite direction. He successfully exports Austrian products to China, where the new rich currently can’t get enough of the exotic, western products.


Xie Feiru

XIE FEIRUXie Feiru is one of the central figures of the Chinese women living in Austria. As president of the Chinese Women’s Association she knows a lot of people and is always anxious to bring people together and accomplish a better integration of Chinese women in Austria.

She herself has worked at a Chinese restaurant in the beginning and as soon as she had the resources, she opened her own restaurant in Mistelbach. Now she runs a bed and breakfast and the only cinema in Mistelbach with her husband.


Hu Jinzhu

Hu Jinzhu travelled to Czechoslovakia with a tourist visa in 1988 and came to Austria illegally from there. For five years she had to work in her sister’s restaurant until she could finally get her husband to Austria the same way she did. Mister Hu had a good job in China, but his wife had to procure most of the smuggler’s fee.

To be able to have three children is a big win for them, that life in Austria brings along with it and they spare no effort to enable their children to have a good education.

'Follow your fate. Be content with what comes.'

~ Shan Jiaqian