Most of them ended up in Vienna by chance, working in a Chinese restaurant to earn enough money to start their own business or pay for more relatives to come as well. It was a life of endless work. Only when they could finally relax somewhat, vital questions started to emerge.

China Reverse questions everything, without asking much. Life could have been so different – not in Europe, but in China.

Those who stayed, took advantage of the economic boom. For some, there’s still time to jump on the bandwagon.

China Reverse looks behind the facade of financial success, noticing casual details, an antique porcelain dish, native songs, and a wishful smile for the future, which cannot help trembling.


'Walk along this path, always forwards… Not too far ahead… there is an intersection. You can go left or straight ahead, but you can’t stop.'

~ from the song „Damo Liulangzhe“

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