Judith Benedikt was born in 1977 in Lienz, Austria.

1998 – 2007 University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Department of Film and Television: Camera Technology and Cinematography with professor Christian Berger, Editing

2010 – 2013 professorship at the Fotoschule Wien

China Reverse is Judith Benedikt’s directorial debut.


Filmography Directing


feature documentary
D & C: Judith Benedikt
P: Plaesion Film und Vision
Crossing Europe 2014,
This Human World Festival 2014


Filmography Cinematography (Selection)

Schwangerschaft und Gesundheit (2016)

feature documentary
D: Thomas Fürhapter
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Navigator Filmproduktion

Was geht (2015)

feature documentary
D: Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt und andere
C Judith Benedikt (2 parts)
P: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion


Female To What the Fuck (2015)

feature documentary
D: Katharina Lampert, Cordula Thym
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Katharina Lampert, Cordula Thym


Was wir nicht sehen (2014)

feature documentary
D: Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Plan C Film
Hofer Filmtage 2014


Hana, dul, sed (2009)

feature documentary
D: Brigitte Weich
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Ri Filme
62nd Int. Filmfestival Locarno 2009, Viennale 09, Grand Prize Best Documentary Diagonale 2010


Heim ist nicht daheim, (2009)

feature documentary
D: Julia Laggner
Steirscher Herbst 2009, Diagonale 2010


Bleiben will ich, wo ich nie gewesen bin (2007)

D: Libertad Hackl
C: Judith Benedikt
Local Artist Award Crossing Europe 2007, Honorable Mention Filmriss 07, Thomas-Pluch Script Prize for New Authors Diagonale 2008, VI. Festival Internacional del Cine pobre, Gibra,Kuba

'Even the fanciest palaces of Europe can't compete with the Forbidden City. That aura of absolute power, corruption, and obedience.'

~ Shan Jiaqian

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