Judith Benedikt embarks on a journey following first and second-generation immigrants from China in Austria, who are mainly stranded in Asian restaurants in the city and in the countryside. After half a century of migration, mainly in one direction, there is a new current flowing back to the east, due to the economic boom in China. Gradually a new generation is emerging that has to face the fact that Chinas current boom can also create new opportunities for them. One of the protagonists – a father, who already built up a whole empire of Asian snack stands and restaurants in Vienna – dares the leap back to China, to establish a chain of typical Viennese coffee houses there. Backwards migration.

(Catalogue Text, Crossing Europe Filmfstival, Lina Dinkla, April 2014)

'He said, in Europe he has the chance to make money. And as long he does, he will try to do just that, no matter what the cost.'

~ Hu Jinzhu about her uncle

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