Judith Benedikt was born in 1977 in Lienz, Austria.

1998 – 2007 University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Department of Film and Television: Camera Technology and Cinematography with professor Christian Berger, Editing

2010 – 2013 professorship at the Fotoschule Wien

China Reverse is Judith Benedikt’s directorial debut.


Filmography Directing


feature documentary
D & C: Judith Benedikt
P: Plaesion Film und Vision
Crossing Europe 2014,
This Human World Festival 2014


Filmography Cinematography (Selection)

Schwangerschaft und Gesundheit (2016)

feature documentary
D: Thomas Fürhapter
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Navigator Filmproduktion

Was geht (2015)

feature documentary
D: Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt und andere
C Judith Benedikt (2 parts)
P: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion


Female To What the Fuck (2015)

feature documentary
D: Katharina Lampert, Cordula Thym
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Katharina Lampert, Cordula Thym


Was wir nicht sehen (2014)

feature documentary
D: Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Plan C Film
Hofer Filmtage 2014


Hana, dul, sed (2009)

feature documentary
D: Brigitte Weich
C: Judith Benedikt
P: Ri Filme
62nd Int. Filmfestival Locarno 2009, Viennale 09, Grand Prize Best Documentary Diagonale 2010


Heim ist nicht daheim, (2009)

feature documentary
D: Julia Laggner
Steirscher Herbst 2009, Diagonale 2010


Bleiben will ich, wo ich nie gewesen bin (2007)

D: Libertad Hackl
C: Judith Benedikt
Local Artist Award Crossing Europe 2007, Honorable Mention Filmriss 07, Thomas-Pluch Script Prize for New Authors Diagonale 2008, VI. Festival Internacional del Cine pobre, Gibra,Kuba

'I was always quite spontaneous. Like flowing water, I didn't choose a direction. The water flows wherever it wants to go.'

~ Xie Feiru